Labour and employment law

Legal aspects relating to the working environment

What needs to be considered in a new employment contract? Do you know the pitfalls of operational restructuring? Do you know how a termination agreement must be structured so that it is legally secure for both parties? Which company pension options are best for you? Can your managing director contract stand up to scrutiny? How does the recognition of a pension due to an occupational accident proceed? Do you have the minimum wage in mind?

Whichever side you are on, there are many stumbling blocks, both as an employer and as an employee. Our experts Martin Giepen & Alexander Wilsing support you with questions in all areas of individual and collective labor law as well as around the topic of social security.

Our focus in the area of labor law:

  • Individual labor law
    We help you with all legal aspects concerning employment and termination agreements, references, bAV, operational changes and other relevant areas.
  • Collective labor law
    We represent you nationwide in resolution proceedings in all instances, assist you in restructuring and transfers of undertakings, reconciliation of interests, social plans and other measures.
  • Employment contract law
    We draft and negotiate contracts for managing directors and board members, advise on bonus payments and other performance-related compensation, and support supervisory board members within the scope of their mandates.
  • Social security law
    We advise you on all issues relating to pension and health insurance, environmental insurance, long-term care insurance and unemployment insurance.