Corporate Social Responsibility

At ADKL, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. As an internationally operating group of companies, we are aware that we have a responsibility towards our team members, clients and society.

Our corporate social responsibility encompasses various areas that we actively address:

Sustainability and environmental protection
We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. We are working to reduce our CO2 emissions and use resources more efficiently. Our sites are connected to public transport on foot and we support the purchase of job bicycles. We have reduced travel through virtual meetings and flexible home office days. By using state-of-the-art technologies and digital solutions, we help minimize paper consumption and reduce our environmental impact.

Diversity and equal opportunities
Another important aspect of our corporate social responsibility is the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that all team members have equal opportunities and can fully develop their skills and talents. We create an equally professional and responsible working environment in which we all treat each other with respect and value each other. We prevent discrimination of any kind and do not give it a chance.

Social commitment
In addition, we are committed to society. We support non-profit organizations and projects that work for social justice, education and health. We are proud to make a positive contribution and a difference.

Quality and integrity
Our responsibility to our clients is of utmost importance. We strive for the highest quality and integrity in our work. We follow ethical standards and ensure that we always act in the best interest of our clients. We provide customized solutions and help them successfully achieve their goals.

At ADKL, we see our corporate social responsibility not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. By actively promoting sustainability, diversity and social engagement, we strengthen our company, our team members, clients and society. As a responsible company, we strive to actively make a positive impact. That’s why we are #lovehere.