One of a kind in Germany and around the world

Closer than ever before, no matter the distance

Is your group of companies growing and you’re thinking about new paths as you expand internationally? Do you have specifics in mind? No problem – let us put you in touch directly with our experienced, trusted network of local contacts who will provide you with the advice you need and ensure absolute legal certainty.

Our clients have come to us for comprehensive advice and assistance with international projects since the late 1980s. That’s why, over 30 years ago, we founded the MSI Global Alliance as an independent alliance of German public auditors (Wirtschaftsprüfer), lawyers and tax advisers. Over time, the two founding firms grew into a network of 260 independent member firms in over 100 countries. We are proud of that as the founders, and it offers you tremendous room to grow and develop in strategic terms. Today, the MSI Global Alliance is a leading international alliance of German public auditors (Wirtschaftsprüfer), lawyers and tax advisers. Lawyers make up 50% of the team and German public auditors (Wirtschaftsprüfer) and tax advisers the other 50%. That makes MSI unique both within Germany and around the world. This balanced ratio of expertise in auditing and consulting forms the cornerstone of our international work and is also an important basis for our holistic, interdisciplinary approach to consulting.

Want to find out more? For examples of joint projects, please visit our case studies.

When you work with us, you can rely on the expertise of people we have known and trusted for years or even decades.

You benefit from:

  • Strong personal ties based on experience, trust and honesty
  • Long-standing friendships and relationships cultivated through regular participation in international conferences
  • Professional and intercultural expertise
  • Fast response times that help you make better decisions fast
  • The high standards we set for ourselves and our consistently high quality, even across international borders

We manage and support various international special interest groups. Monthly sharing of knowledge via conference calls and videoconferences keeps us up to date – so we can keep you informed before you have to take action.

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