Restructuring and reorganisation

Your opportunity for change

Let’s not beat around the bush: your company is in crisis. And you’re facing big challenges at every level, from managing directors and shareholders to creditors and employees. All of them are affected to one extent or another, and all of them want to be kept informed. What counts now is facts. And a communication strategy that fosters trust. That’s why the key now is keeping calm. You need a good plan, solid guidance, and concrete steps to take. In short, you need support. That will allow you to keep an eye on the big picture and remain capable of action.

Our interdisciplinary approach makes it possible. As the first step, we identify what actions you need to take from a legal and business administration standpoint. We then use that as a basis for developing a restructuring and reorganisation plan tailored specifically to you and/or an insolvency plan and then provide support during the implementation phase.

Depending on the individual starting situation, our teams consist of specialists in insolvency law, company law/M&A, tax law, labour and employment law and litigation. And we shouldn’t forget our public auditors, with their years of experience in mapping out and reviewing reorganisation concepts and insolvency plans. All this lets us put together a team with the right skills for your specific crisis situation. And create new prospects for you together so you can emerge from the crisis.

Here is an overview of our services:

  • Reorganization expert opinion (IDW S6)
  • Examination of reasons for insolvency according to IDW S11
  • Preparation of continuity forecasts for the release of the executive bodies in the crisis
  • Preparation and monitoring of the financial and liquidity status
  • Preparation of corporate plans and support in discussions with banks

Need support in other areas? No problem! Just talk to us.