Family businesses

With heart and mind

Do you have a big decision coming up? You might be planning to fundamentally restructure your company, or maybe you need to expand or bring a strategic partner on board. Are you planning to implement a supervisory board or another family governance structure? Or perhaps you just need to take different life plans within the family into account?

The challenges within families are multifaceted, like family businesses themselves. But there’s one thing they all share – and you know this intimately yourself: family businesses are structured very differently to corporate groups led by managers. Your family is the centrepiece of the company. With your own specific values and philosophy, individuality and personality, uniqueness and common sense. That’s all part of your business. And as a family member, you play a highly active role in shaping that image, whatever your life situation. Whether you are an employee in the operational business, work in management, or are a shareholder or a member of the advisory board, you are always a role model, and people look to you for guidance both within your country and internationally.

That’s why you need a partner by your side that understands you as a family. A partner that appreciates and upholds your traditions and values. Recognises specific areas where action is needed right away. Looks ahead to see what challenges the future has in store for you. And, on that basis, develops solutions tailored perfectly to your specific needs and requirements. People who are made of the same stuff as you. Businesspeople like you.

We provide multidisciplinary, holistic advice to families and their businesses. Not just in the operational business, but also with all issues touching on family and personal life. With our own international alliance, we can help you manage foreign assets and advise you on international activities and on questions surrounding asset management models (family offices). How can we help you?

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Succession planning and foundations
  • Individual compensation models
  • Advice on inheritance law and family law