Rent and housing income law

Renting and leasing

As a tenant of a residential or commercial property, you would like to have a rent increase reviewed? Are you affected by a termination without notice and need support? As an owner or part of an owners’ association, do you want to clarify contractual issues? Or, as a property developer, do you have a specific need for advice on WEG projects?

Then you are in good hands with us. As a tenant as well as a landlord or owner. Regardless of the individual issues relating to housing. With our many years of experience, especially in residential and commercial tenancy law, we represent your legal and economic interests in a targeted and effective manner.

An overview of our main areas of expertise:

  • Tenancy law
    Our range of services here covers all relevant aspects, from the review and drafting of your tenancy and lease agreement to the billing of operating costs and the termination of the tenancy by notice of termination or eviction. We are also there for you in the event of rent deficiencies, claims for damages and enforcement in the event of eviction and other issues.
  • WEG law
    Among other things, we examine declarations, community regulations and administrator contracts, accounts and economic plans. We advise on owner meetings and resolutions, questions concerning common and special property. Advise property developers on WEG projects. Pursue your rights with regard to construction measures as well as vis-à-vis sellers and developers, and much more.