Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry as an economic factor

As a farmer or forester, you’re part of an important economic sector. After all, you stand for ensuring that there is a dependable supply of food and agricultural products. But globalisation has brought a number of questions with it, and you have to have the right answers. Keeping track of everything and always making the best decision under the circumstances is a challenge. With expert advice, you are always in a good position, even when faced with extensive interdisciplinary issues.

Are you planning to restructure your business to allow you to respond better to current and future requirements? If so, you can count on our expert team for comprehensive financial and business administration industry knowledge.

Are you interested in new fields of activity, for example in services, downstream processing or renewable energies? Let us work with you to draft solid financing and investment plans.

We can also advise you on plans to transfer your business to the next generation. And develop individual models that satisfy all sides.

Our services for agriculture and forestry:

  • Comprehensive tax advising
  • Business administration advice
  • Tax returns
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Annual financial statements
  • Succession planning
  • Digitalisation of business processes