Indirect tax

Value added tax and customs duties

Attention: Indirect taxes!
Sales taxes, excise taxes, customs duties – indirect taxes play an important role in business practice. Violations of sales tax regulations can result not only in unpleasant economic consequences, but also in legal ones. These range from fines to criminal prosecution.

To save you from this, we have put together a comprehensive range of services covering the entire spectrum of sales tax, excise tax and customs law consulting services. We work in an interdisciplinary, practice- and demand-oriented manner. We have an excellent international network. In addition to indirect taxes, we also take into account general tax and business law aspects. And thus find integrated solutions that fit exactly, even for complex tasks or new business models.

This is what you can expect from us

  • legally compliant and solution-oriented consulting
  • Tailor-made tax compliance management
  • comprehensive and forward-looking process consulting
  • conflict-avoiding procedural and litigation management
  • efficient cooperation with international VAT experts (MSI Global Alliance)

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