Family law and inheritance law

It’s all about family

Family matters revolve around four determining factors: money, power, love and fortune. These matters cover all the emotions, from fierce loyalty to utter contempt. And they can extend across generations.

This can quickly become problematic, especially when it comes to legal issues concerning family law and inheritance law. In divorce proceedings as well as in inheritance matters. Don’t let emotions overwhelm you here; keep a cool head. Look for a legal adviser who will support you properly. Someone who can deal with the other side amicably. Who can assess whether you can avoid going to trial. And if there is no other option, someone who can bring your case to court and represent you professionally. We always keep the big picture in mind. And never overlook the tax aspects.

Overview of our services:

  • Family law
    We support you during divorce proceedings and also throughout any disputes arising therefrom. Rules on maintenance claims, pension rights adjustment and rights relating to property and parenthood.
  • Inheritance law
    We develop solutions for your inheritance law issues. We provide advice before and after the inheritance matter. And take care of all procedural matters. Our advice covers all aspects of succession, inheritance claims, majority of heirs, wills, and more.