Criminal law

Success and risk awareness

Thinking and acting as an entrepreneur is always associated with risks. Nobody knows that better than you. Everyone is talking about directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability and compliance management systems. An embezzlement offence can be committed faster than you think – bringing with it all manner of legal consequences through to preliminary proceedings and trials.

It is important to have and maintain the necessary foresight and overview. And fast action is required. This is exactly what you will get if you rely on our comprehensive legal expertise. Do you need a professional to defend you in court? Do you want to organise a compliance management system or have one checked? Or do you need an expert opinion? Our expert Wiljo Wimmer puts together the perfect team to meet your needs and knows which strategy to recommend in your case. If necessary, we will accompany you throughout all the extrajudicial and judicial processes. Our clients from industry, trade and banking as well as individuals know they can rely on us for this.

Overview of our main focus areas:

  • Law relating to economic offences
  • Commercial risk and embezzlement
  • Competition and criminal liability for corruption
  • Criminal traffic and regulatory offences