Family law and inheritance law
ADKL is at your side in all matters of family and inheritance law. In that context, implementing effective strategies to resolve disputes by mutual consent and avoid litigation, and otherwise to conduct legal action successfully, is of paramount importance.

Family law and inheritance law

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Family law

All questions are of course discussed where necessary in interdisciplinary cooperation with our accountants and tax consultants, and resolved jointly. With over 30 years' experience in family and inheritance law, we are available to represent your interests in divorce proceedings and all the associated consequential disputes concerning financial provisions for spouses and maintenance for children, matrimonial property, parent and child law, adjustment of pension rights, and all other matters associated with the ending of a marriage.

Inheritance law

This comprises advice both before accrual of the estate (inheritance planning) and after, taking care on your behalf of all the procedural aspects of inheritance (entitlements to inheritance, compulsory portions, supplements to compulsory portions, drafting of wills, etc.).

In family and inheritance disputes, beware of advisers who focus more on disputes before the courts than on searching responsibly for ways to avoid them.

  • etstate planning
  • accrual of an inheritance
  • hereditary title
  • legal share title
  • formation of the last will
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